Jan. 17th, 2010

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Our friend [livejournal.com profile] dustykat is setting up his costume with a traditional Old West Gunfighter getup: poncho, cee-gar, big ol' floppy hat, holster and el pistola. Being a convention and all, he can't really use a real gun... so I figured I'd try my hand at carving one out of wood with the 3D CNC wood router.

I'd say it worked out rather well.


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I found a quick supply of very low cost (but great quality) paper in 42" rolls to use for the hotel map signs you'll see posted around the convention next weekend (FC2010). I ended up with a notably larger quantity than I expected. As a result, I've got plenty for folks to use for their panels, dealer tables or events. It's matte, not glossy, so is great for visibility in weird lighting like the panel rooms tend to have.

If you want a poster printed, it's only $2/sqFt while this stuff lasts. Maximum size is 42" x 200". I can deliver them to you at the convention. It's a normal, white paper, that will last quite some time if handled decently -- but is cheap enough to handle rough and only have last for the convention weekend.

Any image format is fine, vector or bitmap. 72dpi or higher is recommended for "poster-viewing" distances. To compute square footage if you know the inch-size you want, just use this formula: (Height x Width) / 144 . Then just multiply the result by $2.

Drop me a line at tugrik@gmail.com. You can send images there up to 20mb in size. Anything bigger, please send a link for me to download it from, or ask and I can set up an SFTP/SCP site for you to upload to.


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