Jan. 25th, 2010

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How long is it usually between being exposed to a cold and the symptoms hitting you?

I was sniffly on Thursday before I ever even stopped by the con hotel, but only barely. That got worse on Friday, but not enough to bother me. Saturday, during the panel Revar and I hosted that morning, I really felt a cold coming on. Sunday I spent home all day feeling "bweh", but felt good enough that evening to pull by the hotel around 10:30p or so to say goodbyes and do a few last deliveries.

This morning? It was like being kicked in the face. Full on, vicious cold. I had to call in to my Monday morning meeting -- which is normally a meeting I attend in person come hell or high water.

My curiosity is because I'm wondering -- did I catch this from a co-worker and it took this long to settle in? Or is this a 'con crud' and being exposed on Friday-ish or so is what has me feeling like the underside of a shoe today?


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