Jan. 26th, 2010

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As [livejournal.com profile] revar so aptly puts it, our workshop is a testament to "project ADHD". Each time you look in a new direction you see infrastructure for completely unrelated tasks. General-ism gone insane. This means it's a lot of fun. It also means that we change paths quite often and with little warning.

In this case, shortly after I acquire, learn, fix and stock the soda machines -- I'm thinking it's time to get rid of them. OMG I've never drank so much soda as I have since getting these things running. Combined with other big changes going on right now, it's just best to get the temptation out of there and let shop-attending folk bring their own stuff.

I may already have a home for the monster Pepsi machine; I'll know soon. The little Mountain Dew Dragon machine is one I'm really loathe to part with so I'll save its sale for last, if at all. But the Nuka Cola machine? That one I need to list for sale.

The editor at Kotaku who wrote about the machine, trigguring a firestorm of short-lived popularity this summer for it has agreed to promote the sale once we post it on craigslist. Maybe some crazy gamer site will pick it up and auction it off or make it into an award for something; that'd rule. But as always, if one of my local friends wants it I'd be glad to give them a deal first. Just drop me a line if so. I'm hoping to get $300 out of it -- which is a steal for a fully working/equipped Vendo 96.


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