Feb. 17th, 2010

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I bought an ASUS EEE Box 1501 (black color) to try and make it into the new laser computer (the old one was called ENCOM and was an earlier version of the EEE Box -- this one was to be called Shiva). It's a kick-ass little box with HDMI, NVidia ION chipset that does 1080p nicely, DVD-RW drive, the works, all in a teeny tiny package. Even comes with wireless keyboard, mouse, and media center remote.

However, it's USB chipset isn't compatible with the laser. This is more common than you'd think due to just how horrible the Versalaser USB drivers are. I mean, seriously horrible. So I have to return it.

However, since it was at the low price of $475, the store I bought it from (Central Computers) won't take it back. Well, correction -- they'll take it back minus a 20% restocking fee.

I'd much rather sell it to someone who wants a great media center PC. I'd use it for that but I already have more than one video solution already! Anybody want this thing for $450 and no california tax? :)


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