Mar. 17th, 2010

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Two years ago we produced a limited-run set of wooden tikis for FURtherCONfusion's "Surf Safari" theme. Ten artists were included; each did one tiki design. As payment we produced a 10-pack of their own design for them to sell (or keep). The rest were sold or given away through the con and were a smash hit.

Now and then I get contracted by various conventions to do ID badges or tracking tags for them to give away. More often than not they're looking for artwork in addition to the actual production part -- but as I'm no artist myself, production is the only part I really do. This and the success of the tikis have me wanting to do more of these collaborative efforts just to see where it can go. What I'm not sure about is what's best for the artists involved.

For example: next year's FC theme is "Down Under". They may or may not ask me to make ear-tags this time around (hopefully they do!). Either way, I wanted to get a group of artists together to submit small boomerang designs to be used as eartags. If I could get ten different designs (just like with the tikis) I'd produce 50 of each, numbering the total batch from 1-500. If FC decided to buy them, the convention would give them out like the year before. If not, then my friends and I would give them out and hopefully sell a few to cover our costs. Either way, more cool schwag for con-goers.

The question is: if you are an artist who'd be interested in participating, what would you want in return for the art? If payment, how much? If you wanted a batch of the tags (like we did with the Tikis), how many? Simple recognition? Anything else?

My goal here would be to do this as a regular thing for multiple conventions: groupsource the designs, produce them on my own dime, recompense the artists in a fair way and then pitch the results to the conventions. If they bought, hey, costs covered. If not, then sell them ourselves or just distribute for fun.

Good idea or bad idea?


Mar. 17th, 2010 05:44 pm
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"Can you fix it?"

<3 <3

A gift from the finely talented and fun-to-meet [ profile] ursulav. Thank you for the wonderful artmakings. :)


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