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Here we are a few weeks before the convention... and I've actually caught up! I just sent out some replacements and my last two jobs just spooled (well, okay, one is waiting on an artist to respond, but no worries). All the badgework is complete, and the one final fabrication job for FC staff is underway.

This means that the Big Printer of Doom has been freed up for more prints, and I've got lots of scrap and supplies for doing lasered works. Do you need fine art prints for the FC artshow or to sell at your table? Want to do custom acrylic badges, stamps or wood designs? You've still got time to get it in by the convention!

First, the prints. Normally I don't publish my rates as they're rather low and intended to help out the anthro artist community. Word-of-mouth keeps me busy enough I've not had to seek more work. But for the pre-FC period I figured I'd price out what I had left in stock so folks could get an estimate without having to email me. If you have something that can handle Excel spreadsheets, you can download the sheet here and do your own estimate. Here's what it looks like:

The four things I'm out of at the moment are marked. Of the matte materials, PhotoRag is very light texture as is bamboo. Litho is ultra-smooth (no texture). "Scrim" is that heavy duty outdoor banner material you can put grommets through and hang up with ropes. The "Fibaprint" is a wonderful, almost-cardstock-like semi-glossy fine art paper. The two Kodak Gloss entries are best described as "poster-like" paper: shiny and tough, with very bright colors.

My gear is designed for big items (up to 42" x 205"!) So if you only want 8.5x11 prints, I'd print them out on a large roll and send them to you to cut out on your own. If you want larger prints I'll cut them down before sending. If you're going to be at FC, I'll gladly deliver them to the convention for you if you'd rather not pay for shipping!

Shipping, BTW, is about $4 for tubes/packing + however fast you want FedEx to go (ground at ~$8 all the way up to $50 for the worst overnight fees).


As far as laserables, here's what I have in stock right now:

  • Rubber stamps (read my last post before this one for details)
  • Alderwood sheets (1/8" x 4" x 24") -- this is what all the Tikis were made out of last year
  • Any plastic that Tap plastics carries (1/8-1/2" thick, about any color) for badges or engraved artwork
  • Aluminum dogtags (black, red, purple, blue, green -- engraves to bright white)
  • Aluminum round tags (various colors)
  • Aluminum dogbone-shaped tags (various colors)

These aren't as easy to quote so please email me. I charge cost of materials + 20%, then $35/hr for lasering time. The laser can work quite fast depending on your artwork and media you want it on.

Any questions? Email me at tugrik@gmail.com or post a reply here. I'm glad to help out! Once the convention is past I'm going to delete this post as this pricing will no longer apply.


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